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Bluetooth: updated wireless technology

Bluetooth: updated wireless technology

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that is used to create personal networks and works in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band at a distance of up to 10 meters. Bluetooth offers top-level services, such as FTP servers, voice, file transfer, serial line emulation and more. Currently, Bluetooth technology is widely used worldwide and is changing the way people use cars.

Bluetooth works through a radio technology called skip spectrum allocation, which divides the data to send and transmit. This is a type of packet protocol with a master-slave structure. A teacher can simultaneously interact with seven subordinates within the piconet, and all devices will share the teacher’s clock. The exchange of packages focuses on the main hours defined by the assistant. No matter what packet size is set, the main transmission will start at even time intervals, and the slave transmission will also be done at odd time intervals.

Bluetooth offers a secure way to exchange information and connect devices such as mobile phones, printers, phones, faxes, laptops, GPS receivers, game consoles, digital cameras and personal computers.

The Bluetooth specifications are authorized and developed by SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group). Bluetooth SIG brings together more than 13,000 companies in the fields of networks, computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. If the device is considered sold as a Bluetooth device, it must comply with the standards defined by GIS.

To adapt to Bluetooth technology, the device must be able to interpret specific Bluetooth profiles identified by possible applications and indicate the behavior that a Bluetooth device uses to communicate with another Bluetooth device. There is a wide range of applications for Bluetooth Tech.

The following are some applications of Bluetooth technology:

• Communication and wireless control between the hands-free headset and the mobile phone was the first application of Bluetooth technology that became very popular worldwide.

Bluetooth: updated wireless technology

• A wireless network between PCs in a narrow space where low bandwidth is required.

• Wireless communication with computer input and output devices, such as keyboard, mouse and printer.

• Replacement of conventional wired serial communications in GPS receivers, test equipment, medical equipment, motion control devices and barcode scanners.

• In low bandwidth applications where greater USB bandwidth is not required and a wireless connection is also required.

• Establish a wireless channel between two industrial Ethernet networks.

• A large number of gaming stations use Bluetooth technology for their wireless controllers.

• Internet connection by modem in personal computers.

In addition to this, there are many more applications that use Bluetooth technology for their respective purposes. Now people use this technology very often, whether they know it or not. It won’t be superfluous if I say this as a gift of modern Tech, I don’t think so.