Different phases or steps to create new bathroom

Are you looking for construction and cleaning services? The bricklayers will take care of the eventual demolition of some partitions, the removal of sanitary ware and tiles and the installation of new coverings. The electricians will have to rearrange the electrical system and install a new one in compliance with the law, while the plumbers will take care of the work on the pipes, the possible movement of the radiator and the replacement of the sanitary fixtures. Get the best of construction cleaning services in Long Island, NY.

Let’s analyze in detail all the steps necessary to create a brand new bathroom.

Phase A: demolitions

The bricklayers, first of all, will remove and dispose of the sanitary ware, and then they will intervene on the walls by eliminating the unnecessary portions and all the old coatings. Next, they will remove the floor and pipes of the water and electrical systems. Once the substrate has been cleaned, it will be possible to calculate whether the thickness of the screed allows the correct positioning of the new systems in the configuration envisaged by the project. Then it will be evaluated if, and where, it is necessary to increase the height of the floor by adding one or more steps to ensure the necessary inclination to the pipes (1%, i.e. a lowering of 1 cm per linear meter)

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 installation of the water and electricity systems

Once the demolitions have been completed, the traces will be created on the walls and on the floor in which the water pipes and new water points will be placed according to the project (a water point is needed for the water connection of each single element). Next, the electricians will install the electrical wiring and lay the sockets and light points.

For the shower it is necessary to provide a special floor drain (where the water can drain thanks to the slope created). Today, with special accessories and grids, it is also possible to avoid the steps by providing special wall drains. If a fixed, wall or ceiling shower head is foreseen, a double adduction outlet must be provided.

Hiring professional cleaning service personnel is a great idea as the first step to take things further when it comes to installation and repairs of your home.

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freight API

A detailed review about freight API integration with SDK systems for logistics shipping

At present, many people are buying their day to day life products through online store, whether it is small or big item is purchased on online and these products are delivered by the logistics company to the customer address. In earlier days a courier person will be delivering the product by checking the authorization of the person to whom the product should be delivered in manual way. After the development in technology now API technique is being followed in these logistics services agencies. The main use of this API is it is created on different types of programming language and it is integrated with the SDK so with the help of your mobile device or PC you can track your logistics, track drivers, create and manage your orders, shipping. This freight API can be integrated with the ecommerce plugins, SDK and with deliveree so that you can easily manage your delivering product items location, track your order location, receive the delivery confirmation and many other things from being at your place.

freight API

As a user you can automate many steps until your order gets completed which makes the integration of logistic system with the deliveree more than just adding the shipping options in your order delivery. The freight API integration with logistic system offers benefits to both customers and business entrepreneurs. When you are linking your business with logistic system integration then it will save your money, staff, and time even it reduces the errors allowing you to work more efficiently. When you are having the logistic system integration then customers will be experiencing the faster deliveries, 24/7 customer support for deliveree is offered and customers can make ETA tracking. It is best to have the logistic system integration for your business where this will help you increasing the positive review and though about your business products.